INDEX Consultants provides our clients with outcome based solutions through specialist teams of consultants qualified to undertake and deliver ICT projects.

INDEX provides consulting, advisory and technical consultants to organisations to manage, lead and deliver ICT aligned Statements of Work.

Our clients gain quick access to a highly experienced and qualified team of consultants with a wide range of subject matter expertise of complex technical and business projects.

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The Beddison Group

Established for 35 years, the Beddison Group is a leading specialist solutions provider with a permanent workforce of over 100 staff and sales of $200m+.
With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, INDEX has the capacity to deliver and support Government and Commercial organisations drive business and financial outcomes by ensuring they deliver on project objectives.

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The INDEX model keeps you, the client, in control by allowing you to manage the direction of your project by providing you with the capability you need. Our model strips out the hidden costs associated with traditional professional services engagements and provides you with options to suit your specific circumstances.


Our services are highly scalable as we have access to a large team of experienced, accredited consultants with specialist business and technology skill sets. Our expertise at requirements gathering and matching the right capability to your engagement means you can be confident that your INDEX consultant will deliver the outcomes you require.


The benefits of our approach are not expensive to access. The INDEX model removes costly overheads often associated with traditional consultancy services and allows the client and INDEX to agree project phases, timelines and service levels to create clear accountability, at a 30%+ cost saving compared to a typical professional services offering. Due to the direct access INDEX has to a large, highly qualified team of specialist consultants, you don’t pay third party or hidden margins and you are not paying for us to maintain an expensive bench of generalist consultants. Our pricing model is simple and transparent which allows us to be a true partner.


INDEX Consultants can quickly step in to provide a cost effective approach to supporting your IT project needs. We guarantee a highly responsive customer experience, no matter how short your lead time. We don’t have a permanent bench of generalists that may not be a great fit for your requirement. Instead, we have immediate access to a broad range of specialist, qualified consultants. We can quickly mobilise and scale up for major projects.

Flexible Engagement Models

INDEX offers different engagement models to suit the specific needs of our client. Where projects can be fully scoped from the outset, we can offer fixed price or total sum solutions delivered through a Master agreement or individual statements of work. If you want to take one of our consultants onto your team, we offer you that option too.


  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • ICT
  • Education
  • Health and Pharmaceutical
  • Utilities
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    Remember all timesheets need to be submitted and approved by 12pm every Monday. If you have any issues please contact your Consultant Care Manager in Victoria, NSW or ACT.

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