Start Celebrating – 6 Months of Wellness

Start Celebrating – 6 Months of Wellness

almost 5 years ago by Chelsea King


Tomorrow is the end of the first quarter of 2017, and the end of financial year is fast approaching. Scary huh? We think not. We think now is a great time to reflect on the goals and victories we have achieved so far this year. Among many things, the INDEX team is celebrating over 6 months of the Wellness Matters program! So it’s the perfect time to focus on some great health victories that are worth celebrating. Among the highlights are staff conquering half marathons in hot and humid conditions, and the 30-day plank challenge focusing personal and team goals (at least for the first week…). Our last health victory is particularly relevant… a bunch of us embraced the ‘take the stairs, not the elevator’ mantra, and learned to power up 35 flights of stairs to get to our desks and answer your calls!

We love hearing about our consultants and staff refocusing for a healthier mindset. Please keep sharing your goals and progress on your wellness journey – especially any handy tips we can share! For those who find it hard to take time for themselves, you might be interested to know that hitting the gym on Monday morning can actually make your relationships better. Not only do you increase your own health, but taking time for yourself actually makes you more compassionate. You can be a great example for friends and family. So why not book in some ‘me-time’ this weekend? Work on a passion project, go for a walk with your favourite music, take the time to learn a new recipe or experiment with some new ingredients.

Not that it’s a new ingredient, but beetroot is an unsung hero. It’s a great versatile food that packs a punch and upgrades a boring meal. I love the idea of beetroot chips and dip when hosting friends, or adding some beet and carrot slaw to add some colour to my dinner time salad.

As always, please let me know if there are any particular topics you would love us to look into, or if you have any queries or concerns.

You can call me on 03 9963 4832 or email me directly.

-Chelsea King

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