Winter is Just Around the Corner

Winter is Just Around the Corner

over 4 years ago by Chelsea King


Winter is coming and so is the season of office coughs and colds. After the past few short weeks, public holidays are now just a distant memory. The office cold is no doubt slowly being passed from person to person, which has got us thinking. How do you boost your immunity to avoid the bugs or what’s the best way to get rid of them if you have already succumbed?

There have been numerous studies that show that regular moderate exercise boosts your immunity along with intake of a variety of vitamins and minerals and minimum intakes of alcohol and smoking. But when you hear your colleague sneezing it might be too late to eat an orange and walk around the block to avoid it. Make sure you don’t over-do the exercise while your body is trying to recuperate. Gentler programs that incorporate yoga, walking and swimming can keep the body moving without stressing your system.

Speaking from experience, hand sanitizer and Vitamin C sometimes doesn’t cut it and the cold can catch up to you. That is where this delicious Detox Immune boosting Chicken Soup comes in to help save the day. There is nothing worse than trying to multitask juggling tissues, cough medicine and healthy ideas for dinner while feeling ill.  So when you feel the onset of symptoms or just need a boost, make sure to create a big batch to fight off the worst of the germs and have meals ready for the week. It’s much harder to feel sorry for yourself with a warming soup to chase away the winter blues and keep away the sniffles.

If soup is not your thing – these simple juices also pack a powerful punch of vitamins and flavor. The Pineapple Power is a great anti-inflammatory with pineapple, celery and ginger. All of which can help reducing coughing and decrease cold durations.

So rug up, try to keep your distance from obvious contagious colleagues and fellow commuters and try to find an open fireplace to enjoy the chill while we can.

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