Out To Lunch

Out To Lunch

over 4 years ago by Allyson Ifergan


I totally understand. The first argument many of you are about to say in your head is “it is bloody expensive!”

Hear me out…

I go for lunch practically every single day during our 5 day work week. I know the cost adds up. The way I see it, I eat dinner at home most evenings, so why not splurge a bit for lunch? I love my office, and our work environment is very relaxed. Nonetheless, giving yourself a change of scenery for a small portion of the day really helps with your mental and physical wellbeing. As soon as I step back into my office and I sit down at my desk, I feel energised, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the second part of my day!

Aside from eating dinner at home, I justify my lunch dates by comparing it to grocery prices. In the grand scheme of things, how much cheaper is it if you buy all your groceries/ingredients and make your lunch every single day? By the time you have all the tools/ingredients and actually put in the effort to creating your meals every day, are you really saving that much? My guess: maybe a $3-$5 difference per meal and no dishes to wash!

For the majority of us working in the corporate world, we work pretty long hours and we are not very active during that time. We sit at our desks, walk around the office (to the kitchen and bathroom) and maybe we visit some clients during the day as well. Going out for lunch is your time. It’s a chance to move around the city, take in some sights and fresh air, and even catch up with mates outside of your office routine.

I love going out for lunch for all of the abovementioned reasons. Also because I want to make the most of my days, since by the time my work day is complete and I have finished my gym routine, it’s around 7:30pm before I’m on my way home. Our careers are a massive part of our lives. As full-time employees, it is estimated we spend over half our waking hours at our jobs each week. Why not make the most of your work days by socialising with friends over a meal, trying out new culinary dishes and stretching your legs?

Of course I have my usual go-to spots that know both my name and order by heart…I also like venturing out to new restaurants, trying out new foods and taking a mental break from my work. I appreciate that not everyone might work in the city or have the flexibility to take lunch whenever and how often they want, but I definitely do encourage you to venture out of your office a bit more. Even if it is for a 15 minute coffee break, I guarantee that taking some time to switch off or catch up with a friend will only be beneficial to your mental and physical wellbeing. You will likely feel more satisfied with your job and more motivated to go back to work. You’ll also be much more productive once you’re at your desk and faced with your next challenge!

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