Hello Sunshine! Two Ways To Kick-start Your Day

Hello Sunshine! Two Ways To Kick-start Your Day

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With spring well underway, it’s a good time to re-evaluate some fitness goals of your own. Making time to exercise can be tricky but this three-song skipping routine makes it a hop, skip and a jump! Ever wonder why all boxers skip? Not only is it a great arm and leg workout but it also improves your overall breathing and coordination and is one of the most effective calorie burning exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home; rain, hail or shine. So why not give it a go? Hot tip: make sure you move far enough away from the TV!


Here’s a great chart to help you get started with different skipping motions. Once you’ve mastered that, set yourself a goal of skipping for 15 minutes non-stop, mixing in different motions for varying levels of difficulty. Simply cue up three or four of your favourite songs and see how many times you can make it through the routine. Once you know your base level you can test how quickly you can move up the levels or set speed targets for each song.  Our resident test bunnies recommend songs with a fast tempo so you can focus on the music and take your mind off the burn.


After that workout you will need a punch of protein and potassium to really power up your day. So here is a recipe for the fans of quick, simple and delicious. Our food flip of the week couldn’t be easier – swap out the huge, sugar-covered wheat pancakes for a paleo dream combo that creates delicious banana pancakes. Only two ingredients, one pan and five minutes – Don’t you just love it when life lines up like that? Add an extra banana for a flavour boost and cinnamon if you want to balance your blood sugars.


Also – the hot topic around the office has been the annual pollen and hay fever dilemma. We hear that you should change the brand and type of antihistamines regularly to keep them effective. This is something we need to clarify with the experts. Luckily we have a Pharmacist on hand this month! Send your questions for our expert and we will publish their answers in the next few weeks.

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