Keeping Well With Michelle!

Keeping Well With Michelle!

over 2 years ago by Oliver Szklarz


We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “summer bodies are made in winter,” so we had a chat to qualified Les Mills BODYATTACK® instructor and Continuous Improvement Support team member, Michelle, about keeping well year-round while also remembering to enjoy yourself at the same time!

Who is Les Mills and what is BODYATTACK®?

Les Mills is a Kiwi track and field Olympian and politician and is who the brand Les Mills is named after. Created by his son, Les Mills International is the organization that churns out all the classes that so many of us know and love such as BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT®, RPM® and of course, BODYATTACK®!

BODYATTACK® is a sports inspired, high energy fitness class that caters to all fitness levels and is set to a killer soundtrack. See if your nearest gym has it and give it a try!

Why did you decide to obtain your Les Mills BODYATTACK® certification?

Well, I attended my first BODYATTACK® class in 2013 and I fell in love with it from day 1. The instructor was super enthusiastic, welcoming and was able to make the class feel like a safe space. The combination of the aerobics, high intensity and awesome use of 80’s inspired dance moves kept me entertained and involved.

Every time I took a class and watched the instructor teach the class, I kept thinking to myself “I can do that”, and I was always interested in being active, fitness and just having a great time. I think that it was my excitement for the class and my passion to help people that made me commit to the Les Mills course.

What was involved in becoming certified?

There was an initial 2 day induction and training program which lead into 3 months of teacher training, where we would assist and team teach with a current instructor. Fortunately, I had a really great mentor that worked hard with me to ensure I was well prepared for each class and ultimately, the test. After all the training was done and we had accrued our hours, we reconvened as a group to sit our assessment.

The assessment was nerve-racking as we wouldn’t know our assigned tracks until the day of so we had to prepare fully for all tracks i.e. know the choreography front to back as well as all the mandatory cues. In order for my group-mates and I to perform all of our assessed tracks, we had to do 7 BODYATTACK® classes in one day!

What do you currently do to maintain your “Wellness”?

I try my best to stay active, I cycle to and from work daily (all year-round) and try to get to the gym at least 2 to 3 times a week. Although cycling is a key part of my regular routine, I like to change up my gym routine and attend a variety of classes. I find that enjoying a different class every few weeks or so, keeps me interested and motivated to try something new and challenging.

How seriously would you say you take Wellness?

I’ve been involved in sports ever since I was little, both socially and competitively. Had you asked me this a few years ago, I would’ve said that I take wellness extremely seriously as I have rowed competitively for many years and it has been a large part of my adulthood.

However, I now maintain a more relaxed approach to my wellness. My focus is on enjoying my fitness and attempting a healthier lifestyle.

Ultimately, I take the idea of wellness rather seriously, in terms of taking care of myself both physically and mentally. Although, like today I’m more than happy to indulge in some fried chicken or other treats!

Are you involved in any competitive sports now?

Now that my rowing days are finished, I have actually competed in a few triathlons as a way to stay competitive and set new physical goals. Also, what tends to surprise people is that I chose to compete in triathlons with the aim to conquer my fear of open water. As the first leg of each triathlon is the swim, I knew my desire to complete the event would get me through the open water.

Now, I’m still working on conquering my fear of open water but competing in these events has given me a reason to keep trying. It’s also great fun to push yourself or even to get a few friends together for a team triathlon – where each of you complete a dedicated leg of the event. Not to mention, the events are always an absolute blast!

Do you have any recommendations for anyone else looking to start their wellness journey?

I think the best piece of advice I could give anyone that is looking to start their wellness journey, would be try everything and anything you can think of. It can be absolutely anything, from going to the gym; trying a workout class, joining a social sport you enjoyed playing in your childhood or even something more extreme like rock climbing.

It doesn’t even need to be a physical activity. You could even try out a painting class or cracking open those dusty books. If it helps you have fun, and escape the occasional monotony of life then it’s worth giving a shot.


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