Who Are You Backing This Season?

Who Are You Backing This Season?

about 1 year ago by Oliver Szklarz


The footy season is right around the corner! That’s right; the footy season kicks off for 2019! So if you’ve ever needed an excuse to get some mates or colleagues together over a friendly tipping comp, or simply to enjoy a game on the big screen – look no further!

The footy season is the perfect reason to get your friends together over an Aussie style barbeque to watch the games (or at least to pretend to!). With some fierce rivalries set to open the season across all codes, you’re sure to enjoy the games at the grounds or from the comfort of your own homes!

To prepare yourself for a big weekend of turning the snags, flipping some steaks and kicking the footy, here are a number of stretches and exercises that you can do throughout the week – some of which won’t even draw strange looks from your neighbours. My favourite is the Eagle Arms (pun definitely intended) to help relieve tension from the shoulders, or the neck release series to help alleviate ‘text neck’.

As a proud West Australian I’ll be barracking for my hometown team and last year’s AFL premiers – The West Coast Eagles! I’m looking forward to celebrating a back-to-back premiership…am I speaking too soon?

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