Generating SLA Reporting Requirements

Generating SLA Reporting Requirements

over 2 years ago by INDEX


Our client is a prominent business in the real estate and property management industry. INDEX was engaged to identify SLA reporting and analytics requirements for one of their major clients. An existing base analytical platform was in place, however its limited functionality was not meeting the client’s requirements.

The largest stakeholder in the engagement was the client’s account management team. The team had gathered client feedback over an extended period and had reached the decision that the current platform was no longer fit for purpose. INDEX’s consultants formed working groups with internal and external stakeholders to finalise end-to-end reporting requirements, which included current and future state needs. These requirements then formed part of the contractual arrangements with our client’s clients, requiring that a detailed specification be defined and agreed by all parties. An in-depth gap analysis was also carried out, together with our recommendations for remedying the situation.

The next phase is under consideration while the client evaluates available BI toolsets in conjunction with INDEX’s recommendations on building a suitable end to end solution.

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