INDEX Partners with New Majority Shareholder

INDEX Partners with New Majority Shareholder

over 2 years ago by INDEX


The media recently reported a change in shareholding for INDEX and our parent company, the Beddison Group.

Over the last decade our Group has been a stand-out performer and has grown to become one of the largest privately-owned recruitment firms in Australia. In order to continue our strong path of growth, our Board recently took the step of bringing an investment partner into the Group to add financial horsepower and enable us to develop our service capability.

Our new partner is OUTSOURCING Inc. (OSI)(JP:2427). OSI is a $1.3 billion Tokyo-listed group established in 1997. They own or are majority shareholders in over 30 technology and recruitment businesses in 13 countries, and have a 30,000-strong workforce.

We’re excited about the opportunities that OSI’s investment will bring to our clients, our employees, and our contract workforce.

For employers, we now have added reach across the Asia-Pacific region as well as Europe, India and the USA. This will enable us to provide a truly global offering to larger employers and enhance our ability to source niche talent from offshore for Australian businesses.

We also foresee strong growth opportunities that will lead us to secure more supply relationships with more of Australia’s best employers. This will open up a broader range of opportunities for our contractors to work on the best projects and the most exciting technologies.

Ben Wood, INDEX’s Managing Director, says “As a group we had a strict set of criteria for our new partner, and retaining our brand, values, culture and identity were critical. I’m delighted to confirm that INDEX’s current team will remain exactly as it is. Our approach was highly valued by OSI and they want us to carry on in the same way in order to achieve our growth targets. We will operate under the same brands and will remain part of the Beddison Group, proud of our Australian heritage.”

In summary, we are confident that this event will enhance and strengthen the relationship we have with all of our partners and ensure that we are able to continue to give the best possible service for many years to come.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ben Wood, Managing Director, directly on 03 9963 4884,or by email.

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