Sharepoint Upgrade Review for a Global Logistics Organisation

Sharepoint Upgrade Review for a Global Logistics Organisation

over 2 years ago by INDEX


INDEX was recently asked to do a project review for a global logistics group whose internal technology team were upgrading to a new version of SharePoint. Across the group, SharePoint is used as the key business platform for collaboration, document management and other such functionality and business activities.

The group needed an external review and recommendation related to best practice and INDEX was able to deliver on this requirement. INDEX’s consultants reviewed the SharePoint platform and the upgrade project itself, with the view to defining some recommendations and targeted outcomes. INDEX facilitated a number of technical discussions with team leaders and developers within the project team. The discussions comprehensively explored all aspects of the project, such as technical configuration of the SharePoint platform; implementation strategy for the upgrade; security and permissions; third party software options, testing and issue resolution.

INDEX subsequently provided findings related to the platform, and the project underway, and made recommendations to management, stakeholders, and the delivery team. For each of the previous areas, specific recommendations were made regarding best practices, technical practicality and in-flight project aspects, as well as providing for future growth and optimum performance of the platform.

INDEX’s recommendations were adopted by the client and the project is currently nearing conclusion without further incident.

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