Mindfully Well With Rosie!

Mindfully Well With Rosie!

about 2 years ago by Oliver Szklarz


At INDEX, we believe that Health and Wellness can mean so much more than simply being active, looking fit and eating well. So this week, we had a chat with Consultant, Rosie, about her passion for mindfulness and how it helps her keep a clear head through the busy work week and beyond!

What is your favourite thing to do to keep healthy?

Coming from the sports and fitness industry, there is a lot of time spent focusing on the tangible ‘physical’ aspect of health with often little consideration given to how we’re truly feeling. That’s why focusing on mindfulness - with two, ten-minute sessions everyday - is my absolute favourite thing to do to stay well. Although, walking my rescue Greyhound, Harrison, after a hard day’s work comes a close second!

I find that when my mind is right, and I’m in a good space, energy flows on to everything else I do. This allows me to be more resilient throughout my day and to embrace challenging situations with a positive attitude. I like to book two sessions into my calendar each day, allowing me time to get up and away from my desk to check in on my mind and body.

How and when did you start your mindfulness sessions?

It was about two years ago when I realised that I was avoiding my anxiety and mental wellness, constantly seeking gratification and happiness by overloading myself with work and stress. I did some research into meditation and mindfulness, and decided to start taking ten minutes out of my day, each day, to check in with myself. This could be if I’m feeling stressed, if I’m feeling anxious or anything else. Making myself aware of how my body is taking stresses and managing these accordingly has been a great help in making sure I’m working at my best, every day.

Although I have been practicing these sessions for around two years, they have been really useful with my transition into the fast paced lifestyle of the recruitment industry. With tight deadlines, the stresses can build up really quickly so taking some time to make sure I’m managing myself helps me to deliver, as expected.

Why do you consider these ‘mindfulness’ sessions beneficial?

Since starting, I have found that I have been able to manage my emotions and anxiety a lot better than before, by simply being more aware of what I’m feeling and why. It was refreshing to attend the Clicks sponsored ‘Getting Sh!t Done’ event recently, where one of the speakers talked about the “Sh!t cycle”. This cycle is a continuous spiral of negativity, with the example being; if you sleep [poorly] you’re likely to start eating [poorly] which will lead to functioning [poorly] and so on.

It was reassuring to know that being able to take a proactive approach to managing not only ourselves, but our perceptions of our situations was a key concept of being able to get out of the ‘Sh!t cycle’ and this is a core focus of my own mindfulness sessions.

Do you have any recommendations for anyone else looking to start their wellness journey?

I think remembering that health and wellness covers more than just our physical appearance is the best place to start. So if you’re interested in managing your stress and mental wellness, it’s worth experimenting with different apps and classes; mindfulness, meditation and so on. Breathe and Headspace are two apps that I use religiously and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in exploring mindfulness.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t desire to get your summer-body ready however, mindfulness and my approach to it is all about 'living your truth'.

As always, please let me know if there are any particular topics you would love us to look into or you have any queries or concerns.

You can call me on 03 9963 4804 or email me directly.

Oliver Szklarz

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