Expert Software Development Architect

Expert Software Development Architect

about 2 years ago by INDEX


Software development projects are often complex, long and expensive and rarely seem to deliver on exactly what they set out to. The world of Agile software development supports adaptability. It promotes iteration and allows you to evolve requirements as you go, ensuring that software is suited for achieving business goals. In practice, there is no one correct way to run a software development project. Agile needs to be tailored for an organisation and for a project. We find that the commitment is strong, once a project and a budget have been approved and the project is under way, for regular independent assessment of project efficacy. Major architectural decisions made at the very beginning of the project can have far reaching effects on the outcome. Some aspects cannot be changed, but sometimes a pivot is needed to ensure the sought after business outcomes are satisfied.

At INDEX we offer the opportunity to provide independent assessment with our experienced team of technology experts, to perform project assessments and provide a perspective on how things are really going with your project - what is working, where there are concerns, and what needs to happen to get things back on track. Or, just as powerfully, to review a project upfront, before commencement, to highlight risks or areas of concern.

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