A Healthy Kind of Spooky…

A Healthy Kind of Spooky…

11 months ago by Kelsey Totton


Halloween has been slowly growing in Australia, as children and adults alike embrace the idea of free lollies, (or candy to our friends in USA) and an excuse to whip out the costume box that’s been sitting untouched in the garage for years. Dressing up and spooky decorations are some of the best aspects of this holiday, but even better is the food. Kids anticipate the tastiest lollies when they knock on your door, mostly made up of artificial colours, flavours and more than a few spoonfuls of sugar. Even the spread at the adult’s Halloween party is usually packed with sugary goodies.

So how can we provide our adult guests and little ghosts with the yummiest snacks? We’ve found you the best spooky yet healthy alternative food ideas for this Halloween.

Banana & strawberry + white choc coated ghosts – easy, simple.

Devil’s devilled eggs – have tried and tested these myself – they turned out great!

Shrunken head apple punch – shaping the apple faces is a lot of fun, then you can mix it into whatever punch concoction you’d like to serve – a good alternative to soft drink.

Savoury Frankfurt mummies – puff pastry, some mini hot dogs and tomato sauce is all you need.


Made energy balls before? dress them up with a nice coat of choc or yoghurt with an orange, white or black colour.


Anti-pesto platter ideas:

Spook it up with some props, or by shaping the ingredients.

Little red peppadews, stuffed with ricotta cheese or tuna (any filling you want really, you can buy them direct from the deli), and you can top with sliced olives to give them some eyes.

A fleshy looking prosciutto wrapped cheese hand.

Carrot fingers + almond or veggie nails = simple.

Guacamole or smooshed avocado always looks deliciously gross, and would make a great dip for the platter.

Of course there’s bound to be a flutter of activity at the front door as well. Finding alternatives to wrapped sweets can be difficult – nowadays it’s safe to assume both adults and children won’t accept food that is not sealed or wrapped. Of course fresh is best, but packaged goods aren’t always bad news. A quick assessment of the packaging will tell you quite simply how bad it is. Look for sugar content (4 grams is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar) as well as artificial preservatives and colorings – all of those 3 digit numbers.

Little packs of popcorn, tiny teddies, sultanas, nuts or plain/vegie chips or even some sugar free lollies.

And of course, for your dining table spread at home, remember the key is presentation!

Do you have any spooky Halloween food presentation ideas? Send us pictures of your spooky creations and share the fright this season!

Kelsey Totton

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