Cultural Tigers

Cultural Tigers

almost 2 years ago by INDEX


There is a little more to the recent win of the Richmond Tigers than meets the eye. It seems at the heart of a cultural shift to open-door inclusion. Sport is an amazing and easily graspable metaphor for business and for life. In the last few years we have seen the global rise of the #metoo movements, of massive shifts in technology; politics; climate change views and beyond.


All the drama aside, it is heartening to know that the old sporting institutions with their closed-door policies, hidden decision-making processes, favouritism and politics are starting to fade out. What we are seeing welcomed is open-door culture, inclusion and diversity. We now have a Women's AFL, massive billboards on street corners demonstrating the new type of hero, the diverse hero. So well done Richmond Tigers. Well done for your win, but more so for bringing your club into the new age, and welcoming all to have a seat at the table and engender a sense of belonging.

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