Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

almost 2 years ago by Bianca Pickett


Who would have thought that sleep was the silver bullet that is the basis for almost all health and wellbeing? It seems logical right? After reading the book, 'Why we Sleep', by Matthew Walker and all the data and evidence, you are left under no illusions as to just how important sleep is. As an athlete, and probably just as a human, I knew that rest was essential, but I had no idea of the extent of how crucial it really is. The quality and the time we spend asleep is the foundation to our health, wellbeing, physical and emotional states. The book goes through scientific and evidence-based data, studies, anecdotes and stories that just smashes the point home on all fronts. Many things stuck in my mind from this book. One of the stories very simply dispelled the famous bragging of the 4-5 hour 'short sleepers' as a misnomer, being Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Regan: both ended up with Alzheimer's disease. Get a good night's sleep, 7-8 hours and make it one of life's absolute priorities. Why? Because the research and the data say so! 

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