Agile Adoption - A Superannuation Fund

Agile Adoption - A Superannuation Fund

over 1 year ago by INDEX


INDEX Consultants partnered with a superannuation fund’s project delivery team to help establish new ways to deliver multiple in-flight projects. Despite the team working hard, they were falling behind schedule, relationships across the business were strained, team morale was low and project transparency was non-existent.

INDEX embedded an agile coach to take the teams on a journey and guide them through incremental change. Activities included:

  • Establishing transparent methods of communication
  • Introduce the team to growth mindset and allowing them to decide how the team can best function
  • Promoted visual Work In Progress (WIP) so each team member can see what their colleagues were focused on and if they could assist. This also provided greater focus and helped remove the cost of context switching
  • INDEX upskilled client staff  and mentored a number of potential scrum masters to support the teams becoming more self-sufficient
  • The change of mindset and use of agile principles created greater transparency both within the project team and with the stakeholders
  • Greater collaboration between the various teams in the business has improved, as have the relationships and trust
  • Showcasing and delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) now exists, bringing forward the project’s return of investment
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