Change is a Constant

Change is a Constant

over 1 year ago by Bianca Pickett


Change has always been a constant, but it seems more so than ever before. I think it nags at the very framework of who we are, how we function and perceive the world around us. There is a new reality every day, sometimes subtly, right now not so much. If they say what does not kill us makes a stronger, then we have to push ourselves beyond perceived limits. However, right now life and death; food and toilet paper, seem very real to us.

My framework for life is relatively simple; stay balanced and healthy, push my limits to learn and develop as structure and consistency are my rocks. Although the belief given to me by my father that 'It is what it is', runs through my mind many times a day. The challenge is one of resilience, but the bounce effect may be harder to ride without certainty in hand.

What I have seen over the last few weeks is the scramble for comprehension, for timely planning and most importantly the need for action. What this has produced is widespread speed to innovation, and the uptake of technologies like Teams.

We often sit in business on our hands, waiting for a 50 page document to be written, detailing all the pros and cons of a new transformation project that will help us 'be more efficient', or 'reduce cost', but we deliberate and hesitate. We are in times that can ill afford either, and being able to pivot, to take a leap, and step beyond the boundaries of our normal processes, to get what needs to be done, done. 

In the end the world is made up of people. People that in the most part thrive on connectedness and a sense of belonging. People make up the organizations that we work for and with, and through technology we are keeping those fires burning. It is people that we need to take care of, support, check in on, whether they're colleagues, friends or family; work hard at building your sense of belonging through connection.

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