Let us Help Consolidate and Reduce Your Costs

Let us Help Consolidate and Reduce Your Costs

over 1 year ago by INDEX Consultants


Cost Reduction & Optimisation Services:

At INDEX we have an ingrained desire to help. With current business conditions interesting to say the least, we have worked hard to put an offering together that can support our clients. Our business, as I am sure are many others, is focusing on cost reduction, as is at one of the things we can actively do. Reducing discretionary spend is relatively simple, but reducing spend on things that we can't see, audit or understand easily, is another. 

We are working closely with two of our partner organisations to help our clients reduce their software licensing spend, as well as their hardware device spend. Both options start with audits to give clarity to a sometimes muddy picture, then we guide our clients through the roadmap and recommendations to achieve savings. There’s a significant amount of waste that creeps into any business, but it’s having the tools and expertise to know where to look and how to remediate it that makes the difference.

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