INDEX Supporting Local Businesses With Cameron Hales

INDEX Supporting Local Businesses With Cameron Hales

over 1 year ago by Bianca Pickett


Based in Melbourne, Cameron is a highly experienced visual storyteller. With a background in commercial advertising as an editor, Cameron is able to direct, shoot and edit carefully crafted visual narratives, producing insightful, emotive and impactful films.

He has worked with both international and local studios and recently decided to become a freelancer.

The work Cameron produces is amazing and includes the likes of major companies such as Qantas and BUPA. However, Cameron brings the same passion when he supports local businesses. He recently produced a video (pro bono) for a women’s only bike race (The Hanging Rock Handicap – SheRace), because he felt the race and demographic needed some promotion and support. Apart from spending time with his young family and racing bikes with his teammates, Cameron loves telling stories.

If you would like your story told, please contact Cameron and he will fit in with your budget (big or small) to ensure the world knows who you are. If you have a story that needs telling get in contact, or check out some more of his amazing work here.

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