Supporting Local Businesses with Sweatmaster Health and Fitness

Supporting Local Businesses with Sweatmaster Health and Fitness

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Sweatmaster Health and Fitness is a personal training studio based in Hampton, Victoria. Leigh, Jane and the team are well known in the area for promoting healthy and positive lifestyles while keeping fit and having fun.

Having known Leigh and Jane as cycling friends for years, it was remarkable how quickly they pivoted a bricks and mortar business into an online provider. As the full effects of COVID-19 materialised and Sweatmaster didn’t know how their business was going to survive, Leigh and Jane delivered all of their equipment to people’s houses so they could keep physically and mentally fit. Putting their own income aside, they wanted their clients to remain active and healthy. This selflessness has led to an active online community where Leigh, Jane and the team deliver sessions and provide advice several times a day. So many friends have continued their fitness and health commitments during these sedentary times through Leigh and Jane’s passion. A number of children of Sweatmaster clients have also partaken in their online sessions.

It was inspiring to see Sweatmaster put the health and wellbeing of their clients ahead of themselves at a time when their business was forced to materially change. It’s great to see their passion, always putting their clients first.

Leigh and Jane can be contacted via their website and on Instagram.

Instagram @sweatmasterhealthfitness

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