Simple Steps for Managing Remote Teams

Simple Steps for Managing Remote Teams

about 1 year ago by Scott Hendy


COVID-19 may come and go (we hope!) but one thing is for sure, remote teams are here to stay. Whilst Victoria may still be in lockdown, it is interesting talking to clients, colleagues and friends around the country who have the option to return to work but have decided to remain at home.

Many people are working from home for the first time due to the current situation, but this doesn’t mean it should affect your team's productivity or output. Having read many articles of late from leaders who have managed both national and international teams, I’ve learnt that making sure your team has consistent goals (and the tools available to achieve them) is essential.

The key ways to successfully manage any team remotely can be broken down into the below measurable and actionable steps:

Communicate and Align

Make sure everyone within the team understands what you want to achieve and exactly how that’s going to happen.

Drive Accountability

Team meetings, discussions and deadlines will highlight what is being achieved, and compare the required actions to the schedule, relative to the agreed deadlines. Stay in regular communication and monitor what’s achieved daily, weekly and monthly.

Create Focus

Make sure goals, actions and deadlines are clearly defined and ultimately achievable for each area of the business.

Be Action Focused

Make sure that practical actions are being taken to achieve the desired outcomes.

Track Progress

Tracking helps the team stay focused on what's important to reaching your collective goal. It helps you identify potential obstacles and strategies to overcome them. 

Above all, be available to answer questions. Understand that different people have different working styles. With INDEX HQ in Melbourne, it has been an interesting experience working remotely, both before and during COVID-19, and the above approach has been particularly effective.

Scott Hendy

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