Why We Need to Talk More about Learning Agility

Why We Need to Talk More about Learning Agility

11 months ago by Tamara Ryf


This year has taught me that anything is possible, and that we need to be prepared for the unexpected. Learning agility is not a new concept. However, against the backdrop of 2020, I think it’s a concept we need to be talking more about.

Learning agility encompasses the ability to learn from experience. It’s the ability to respond to new environments and situations by applying relevant skills, experience, and practices. Productive learning agility can involve unlearning, as we recognise approaches that have been successful in the past may no longer apply.

My prediction is the speed of change will only become more rapid, impacting how we work and the skills we need. The challenges, opportunities, and threats in our working world will also change continuously. They will often be ambiguous, and as we’ve seen this year, unpredictable. Who would have predicted a huge number of organisations would have their entire workforce working from home? Or that distilleries would branch out to make to hand sanitisers instead of whiskey?

Learning agility will help organisations flex and evolve in response to change, enabling them to not only survive, but to thrive. To help spark the conversation about learning agility, I’d like to share my thoughts on what can help promote learning agility in workplaces.

Investing in best-practice technologies to deliver process and operational efficiency so leaders have more time to solve problems and think creatively

  • Encouraging knowledge sharing
  • Supporting a growth mindset with employees by viewing mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Providing time for the team to catch up regularly and reflect on what they’re doing and brainstorm ideas for improvement (as well as lessons learnt when things didn’t go to plan)
  • Partnering with other specialist providers
  • Constantly rethinking your resources to look beyond traditional roles and responsibilities to meet your objectives
  • Creating a culture that challenges the status quo and is willing to take more calculated risks.

Learning agility is not only critical for success at an organisational level, it also supports continual growth and satisfaction within individuals.


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